2006-2007 Press Releases









Prior to becoming a teacher Cyndi MacDonald was a radio DJ and TV engineer in Montana and worked

for 15 years in the high tech industry of Austin, Texas. She began teaching as a long term substitute and eventually was hired to teach 5th grade at Painter.


Cyndi will use her SJEF Teacher Innovation Grant to further her “Lessons in Humanity” community service project with her students. Specifically, the

money will be used for the purchase of materials to make tent fresheners that will be sent to troops in Iraq. “The summer months in Iraq produce temperatures reaching 140 degrees and when hearing about how stinky the tents were getting, we wanted to help the men and women to have a better smell in their tents. Hence the Innovation

Grant went to STINKY TENT GO BYE BYE!”.

“‘Lessons in Humanity’ is a program that teaches selflessness, compassion and accountability to my

students. We have decorated hospital rooms of students, become pen pals and made care packages

for troops.”


KBAY Teacher of

the Month ~

July 2007

Cyndi MacDonald

The KBAY Teacher of the

Month for July is Cyndi Mac-

Donald, who teaches at Ben

Painter Elementary School in

the Alum Rock District.

Cyndi will receive a $500 Innovation

Grant for her classroom

from the San José Education


Cyndi says the best thing

about being a teacher is,

“seeing the changes in the

students both academically

and in maturity. Knowing

that the tools I have provided

will be used and remembered

for the rest of

their lives—that’s the best



Congratulations to Cyndi MacDonald, KBAY’s

Teacher of the Month for July