KFOX Weather Foxes

2007ó2008 Fox Projects

Text Box: The weather foxes are not only educational and entertaining, but their patriotism and the spirit of their teacher, Ms. MacDonald, gives inspiration to hundreds of thousands of listeners every week. People have come to look forward to the kids giving the weather reports.  It's more about the kids than the weather, and I think people think fondly of their own children.  I'm looking forward to many years of weather foxes. -Greg


KFOX Weather Fox Project 98.5 Tuesday Mornings 8:30 Ė 9:30

Ms. MacDonald† has set aside one hour on Fridays for the Lessons in Humanity..†† This time is set aside to make care packages for the troops serving our country, cards and cheer me ups for those in need,† and† whatever may enter the Weather Foxes Den.† Look here weekly to see what clever projects those foxes are working hard on.†


Additional photos are located in our photo album.


If you would like to help the Weather Foxes, the den can always use hard candies, stickers and anything red white and blue that is small.††