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The Foxes Awards

On October 9th 2006, Mimi received a Math Award for answering Columbus State University Math Contest question correctly:
In how many ways can six dollars (U. S. currency) be changed into dimes and quarters if you must have at least one dime and one quarter in each grouping?
On October 29th 2006, Mimi also answered. When you roll a pair of dice and find the sum of the dots, what sum is least likely to occur?
On October 30th 2006 Mimi answered correctly: You have one each of a $1, $5, $10, and $20 bill in your dresser drawer. You close your eyes and select one of the bills. What is the probability that the sum of the remaining bills is greater than $30?
On December 4,th Mimi is still going strong :See if you can find the final answer to this puzzler.  Your goal is to find the sum of the following three questions.
1.  How many months have 31 days?
2.  How many months have 30 days?
3.  How many months have 28 days?
Find the sum of items 1, 2, and 3.  Only provide the sum.

Congratulations Mimi!

Congratulations, on October 24th Ryan received a Math Award for answering Columbus State University Algebra in Action question correctly Arrange the digits 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, and 3 to form a six-digit number such that the 1s have one digit between them, the 2s have two digits between them, and the 3s have three digits between them. What is the sum of all possible six-digit numbers formed under these conditions?
On October 30th 2006, Ryan also answered correctly: An algebra student was asked to subtract 3 from a given number and then divide the result by 9. Unfortunately, the student subtracted 9 from the given number and then divided by 3, getting an answer of 43. If the algebra student had followed the original instructions correctly, what would the correct answer have been?
November 13th. Ryan is still going strong in answering the questions correctly Suppose you have two different colors of socks in your sock drawer. Assume that none of the socks are paired. If you pull three socks out of the drawer without looking at the color of the socks, what is the probability that you would have a matched pair of socks?
November 27th: Ryan is not giving up on answering those questions Observe the pattern of numbers in the numerical pyramid.  Determine the value that belongs at the top of the pyramid.
December 4: What is the 1507th letter in the pattern MATHISPOWERFULMATHISPOWERFUL...?

Congratulations Ryan!

Congratulations, on November 6th , 2006 Nga, Mimi and Tina answered the following correctly: Four children went trick-or-treating on Halloween night to different houses in their neighborhood. At each house they were given a variety of candy. The following table shows the type of candy and quantity given at that particular house. Mike went to houses A,C,E,F; Jose went to houses A,C,D,F; Ashley went to houses A,B,C,F; Jackie went to houses A, B,D, E. Determine who received the most gum and how many pieces did that person receive.

Congratulations Nga, Mimi and Tina!











Congratulations Cindy and Tina!

On October 16th 2006, Cindy and Tina received a Math Award for answering Columbus State University Math Contest question correctly:
Based on the numbers provided in the three by three grid, determine the missing value for A.
On October 30th 2006, Tina also answered correctly: The five square numerical puzzle to the right requires the vertical column to be filled with the digits from a positive 3-digit integer power of 5 and the horizontal row to be filled with the digits from a positive 3-digit integer power of 2. What will be the digit in the shaded square?

Congratulations Tina!

Congratulations, on November 20th , 2006 Carl answered the following correctly: A cute little bunny rabbit is sitting at the bottom of a long flight of stairs.  As the bunny travels up the stairs, she takes two hops up the stairs then 1 hop down the stairs.  In other words, she takes one hop up to stair one, one hop up to stair two, and one hop down to stair one for a total of three hops.  The bunny wants to get to the twelfth step where several carrots are sitting.  If the bunny continues the pattern of taking two hops up the stairs and 1 hop down the stairs, how many hops will she have to take to reach the carrots on the twelfth step?  Be careful, this is a tricky rabbit

Congratulations Carl


Congratulations, on December 11 , 2006 Daryl, Le, Thomas, Joyce, and Ryan answered correctly: I have a basket of fruit that contains only bananas, apples and oranges.  The basket contains 2 bananas, 6 red apples and 8 green apples.  If the total number of pieces of fruit is three times the number of apples in the basket, how many oranges are in the basket?

Also on December 11,2006 Joyce answered the Algebra in Action question Suppose three positive numbers, A, B, and C are such that
1001C 2002A = 4004, and
1001B + 3003A = 5005. 
Find the average of A, B, and C?

Congratulations Le, Thomas, Joyce Ryan and Daryl (from room 23)


Congratulations, on January 22, 2007 Daryl from room 23, answered correctly: Six women and 12 men weigh a total of 3090 pounds.  If the women in the group have an average weight of 125 pounds, what is the average weight of the men in the group


Congratulations Daryl from the Foxes